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About Joyce Krystofolski

Joyce Krystofolski has been creating cakes, pastries and treats since she was 12-years-old.

Joyce always loved baking treats for her family and friends, and her skill as a baker and chef earned her raves and compliments. Often, those compliments would include suggestions that she should become a professional baker.

Joyce decided to take her circle of fans at their word, and founded Delicious Endeavors in 1992. She’s provided personal, one-on-one custom baked goods and light catered fare for 25 years.

She’s taught at Newbury College as an adjunct Culinary Instructor for seven years, holds a master’s of liberal arts in gastronomy, and holds a pastry arts certificate from Newbury College. A lifelong interest in and study of the arts, particularly sculpting and drawing, aids her in delivering custom orders.

But it’s not all about style at Delicious Endeavors. Substance also has to measure up. To Joyce, “a cake should not only look good, but taste good.”